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What is this style Called, Jeet Kune Do?


The founder and originator of Jeet Kune Do was Bruce Lee. Jeet Kune Do was carried on by many of his students teaching us their personal expression of Jeet Kune Do. The name which consists of dialects and languages from Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese…Jeet Kune Do meaning, the way of the intercepting fist. Jeet Kune Do was developed from principles of Wing Chun, Boxing and Fencing. That alone makes Jeet Kune Do a very unique fighting martial art. 

I see many in CT and elsewhere who do Jeet Kune Do, AKA – JKD looking like nothing more than Karate Kick-boxers depending on youth, strength, speed and power over their opponent rather than depending on tactical strategy of proper body mechanical movement, footwork and intercepting their opponent. Why the “intercepting part is left out, i don;t know. Especially since Jeet Kune Do means, “the way of the intercepting fist.”

JKD is all about tactical strategy and nothing else, hence the reason why it works so well in sport fighting and on the street utilizing little effort as long as these strategies are well practiced. Some get it and some do not get it and from my experience watching many others that claim to be JKD, that is blatantly obvious. Those who understand the intercepting, angling, body movements, along with the proper footwork all coordinated into one gives a student the attacking advantage over an opponent who is trying to attack. Its hard to explain, it has to be seen and compared to other styles to understand this fully.

The misconception of JKD taught at the Practical Self Defense Training Center In Waterbury, CT (PSDTC) is, you have to be an MMA fighter to do it. That is not necessarily true. Yes, JKD gives one the ability to be a very good MMA fighter, and the ones to want to be an MMA fighter are able to take it to its fullest potential. I personally teach both sides….the self defense as well as the sport aspects, which is taught in 2 separate classes. I show those who want to be fighters how to utilize it for the MMA games and over the years, we always did great with a 90% win rate wherever fighter went. Size strength, female or male…anyone can do JKD. JKD is very complete covering kicking, hand range, trapping range and of course, grappling range. Our very extensive grappling range is second to none and has been carried on by my teachers and myself with blends of Catch Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Shooto, Judo, Dumog and some Silat…our grapplers have a very high winning rate wherever they go to compete. Come down to see what we do and try it out.

Schedule for JKD is:
Monday – 7 to 9
Wednesday – 7 to 9
Friday – 7 to 9

You can learn from the person who brought JKD here to CT back in the 80’s. Yes, that is yours truly. You go all the way to the various instructor levels in my personal JKD training along with the work it takes to get to those levels, no one will be able to get in on you guaranteed. Come try it out and sign up after the class tonight if you want to. You will love it, and you will be in the best fighting shape of your life. Female, or male, big or small…I can make you a very good martial artist/fighter.

Instructor/Sifu, Ron Kosakowski
Martial art school site – www.PSDTC.com

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