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Benefits of Martial Arts in Your Daily Lives


The Benefits of Instruction in the Martial Arts at the Practical Self Defense Training Center Training at the Practical Self Defense Training Center is an investment in improving yourself, a facet of life sadly neglected by many in our society. Whether through our regular class program, private training or workshops, you will learn the most practical, efficient, and highly refined self-defense methods. You will be able you to defend yourself and your loved ones in all types of situations, which is essential in today’s world. Classes at the PSDTC are structured to provide personal attention and instruction and to guide students throughout the program. The arts we teach can be learned by anyone, unlike other sports or exercise programs that are easy only if you…

Some Thoughts On Jeet Kune Do by Ron Kosakowski

Some Thoughts About Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do By Ron Kosakowski After Bruce Lee’s demise, the martial art media made Jeet Kune Do (JKD) look like some mysterious martial art with only a handful of legitimate instructors to teach it. People (outside of his students) only saw Bruce Lee in the movies or on TV. When they saw his fight scenes they’d say, “I practice or teach the same exact thing or that looks like our style” not even realizing he was only doing stunt fighting or theatrical Jeet Kune Do and for the most part, not actually doing what his actual JKD consists of! But what they did not know was that Bruce Lee’s innovative way of combat is a philosophy and a…