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Intense Kuntao Seminar August 10th & 11th/2019


Intense Kuntao Seminar August 10th & 11th/2019 Taught by Ron Kosakowski with well over 43 years into Kuntao and many other Filipino martial art styles. SATURDAY – Kuntao on fighting on the ground. Ancient warriors would not neglect ground fighting. However, ground fighting in ancient times, for combat purposes, was not like the mainstream grappling you see today. This is a whole different story. When weapons are around you, more than one person is around you and the area is not matted, when you are surrounded. And of course, this is when you need to get to your weapon; you need to know how to contend with this area of combat situations. You will not want to miss out on this important lesson. SUNDAY –…

In-Tents Kuntao 3 Day Camp Out

Kuntao Training Camp—3 Day Event 2018 July 27th, 28th, 29th 2018 This unique Filipino martial art workshop will be conducted by Ron Kosakowski 8 hours each day of intensive Kuntao training. There will be breaks for lunch, water, rest and discussion in between training. Friday The first day of this camp, we will do a little bit of the empty hand Kali. It’s something that is very important to learn if you are a serious FMA practitioner. The empty hand fighting aspects of all FMA’s going back to ancient times were used primarily as a fighting method to get to your weapon or you lost your weapon. To accomplish this, a real geometrical science was needed to fight against one on one or worse yet, multi...