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Childrens Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes

Children’s Brazilian JuJitsu Classes—There are many reasons why you should put your child in a class like this one:

1. Bully prevention is important now a days. See results in preventing that in only 6 months.

2. This is a submission wrestling style that has many hold that can be used without hurting another kid if need be. Our country is SUE HAPPY – if a child hurts someone even in self defense there is a high probability of a law suit. A grappling style like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the answer for children in today’s society.

3. Watch how much better kids get in school due to the focus needed for martial art training…A BIG PLUS!

4. The physical fitness is just amazing for these kids. They end up training and working out hard but we make it fun so they look forward to doing classes

This class is designed for children age 5 to 12.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for children is a less violent but yet still an effective approach to self-defense for the average situations they could possibly stumble upon at that age. For example, if a child has a confrontation, they can easily take their adversary down to any number of holds and/or a submission and usually a lesson will be learned without anyone actually getting hurt at all by controlling their aggressor as opposed to hitting their aggressor in the face…unless it is necessary of course. Striking is taught the traditional Jiu Jitsu way to children for a complete understanding of all ranges that could occur in martial arts and of course for self defense purposes. Hitting techniques are taught only to be used in serious self defense situations along with common sense of it’s use and of course for a complete exercise program with an all around understanding of the martial arts they are practicing.

The exercise program at the beginning of the class is a science in itself and designed specifically to create a strong grappler. It is an intense workout that every child can slowly work his way into at his or her own pace. We make it fun and the children can see how they are supposed to reach various goals toward improvement. Every child eventually feels much stronger and more alert. It builds confidence as well as coordination due to how powerful; yet efficient this martial art essentially is that they are training in. All parents witness their child’s fullest potential brought from within as their self-esteem grows. You will notice how they get stronger, their health, both mentally and physically improves. They develop discipline. Which in turn behaviorally habits always improve. The best one yet…you get them away from those video games and watching TV for a few hours a week.

***Statistics show, martial art training builds a great foundation in life for all children.**

Why put it off? Call Ron 203 802 8533 to sign up right now for the trial program and receive a FREE fitness evaluation. Get your child and/or yourself on the road to self-discovery that we guarantee will make every stage in life that much easier.

So what are you waiting for?  Don’t wait till its too late!

Here is a video on our kids class going back to 2009, featuring Jesse James Kosakowski when he was a little kid, now a champion MMA fighter. As you can see these kids are  very focused on their training for perfection of technique. They learn timing, rhythm, footwork and how to do grappling without the use of strength! They are developing a real science that will be with them the rest of their lives!

Come down to see for yourself!