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Filipino Kuntao

For Age 18+ Co-ed. Filipino Martial Art focused on Self Defense. All ranges of fighting from kicking to boxing to throwing, and ground fighting. ( Taught by Guro Ron Kosakowski )


Jeet Kune Do

For Age 12+ Co-ed. Bruce Lee’s fighting methods.Focus on sport fighting and stand up fighting. This class pairs with IGS for a complete fighting method. ( Taught by Sifu Kosakowski )


Integrated Grappling Systems (IGS)

For Age 12+ Co-ed. Unique fusion system of grappling. Focus on takedowns and ground submission grappling. Good for self defense and sport fighting. This class pairs with JKD for a complete fighting method.  ( Taught by Sifu Kosakowski )


Filipino Kali

For Ages 16+ Co-ed. Filipino Martial Art focused on traditional weapons of the Filipines, from stick to dagger, to bolo. Arm strength, grip and cardio all in one dynamic training course.  ( Taught by Guro Kosakowski )


Connecticut Wing Chun

For Age 12+ Co-ed. Chinese Martial Art focused on Self Defense. Famous for unique strategies and training methods for reflexes, sensitivity, and body power development. This class is a great nucleus for all of our other programs.
( Taught by Sifu DiGuiseppi )


Kids Brazillian JuJitsu

For Ages 4-12 Co-ed. Brazilian / Japanese Martial Art fusion made famous by it’s focus on grappling and wrestling techniques. Perfect for that little one that loves to rough house and tumble. Respect, focus, good skills and hard work are all apart of this ongoing program.  ( Class Now Forming )

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