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Jesse James Kosakowski from the PSDTC defeats Gil Pinheiro in a grappling match

Jesse James Kosakowski or the Practical Self Defense Training Center in Waterbury, Connecticut

Jesse has been winning grappling matches since he was 9 years old. You want to see good grappling details, watch this video – Jesse as well as all students are very well versed in all ranges of combat. Grappling range can be considered to be the worst to be…

Grappling tips, everyone likes grappling tips…

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Check out these moves. they are from Catchascatchcan AKA, Catch Wrestling. I always called Catch Wrestling the Kuntao of grappling arts being it hurts so much Р You want to be a good grappler, come on down Р  

Some tips from the cradle position that is valuable to know…

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You will like this video. I give some good information to utilize the cradle position – See more information on our extensive grappling/wrestling program at the practical Self Defense Training Center in Waterbury, Connecticut –