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Thank You

Application Received!

Your application has been submitted and received by our student enrollment admin.

Below are some steps left to get you started.

Step 1.

Free Trial.
Each applicant is granted one (1) Free Trial Class in any course we offer.  Try any one of our 7 different courses offered up to 6 days a week! Since you’ve already sent in your basic application, we now have you on file and are expecting your first arrival.  Please review our schedule to confirm what day and time your class is scheduled.

Step 2.

Free Trial Arrival.
Simply arrive to any scheduled class about 15 minutes before the start time. Provide your name and remind us that you’ve sent your application in through the site.
We know that once you experience the work out and the class tempo, you’ll know right away which martial art fits you best.

Step 3.

Enrollment Agreement.
Our courses are aligned to 12 month cycles. Each course features it’s own degree program with varying durations required for completion.
Many of our members switch their groups through out their renewals, a great opportunity to grow multiple disciplines at a time.
Inquire with your class instructor for details.

Here is the schedule.

Any questions, please feel free to call or write.

Best Regards,
-PSDTC Staff.