Self Defense Seminar March 24 2024

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Registration includes full day access to the day’s training event.
March 24th 2024. 10-5pm.
9:30am Check-in

We recommend that attendees bring a note book, a lunch, sweat towel, water, and anything else they might need for training during the days event.

The annual Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun seminar will be March 24th, 2024.

Jeet Kune Do Course Description. 
The Jeet Kune Do part will be a little different this year. We are going to teach a historical part of JKD where many in the JKD world started training in Kali to enhance their weapons skills. Pangkamute/Panantukin/Pananjakmin/Dumog will be the subject this year and how it fits together with JKD.

It is said that empty hand Kali had to be efficient enough to work well because in ancient times, if you lost your weapon or had to get to your weapon, your empty hand skills had to be tremendous. You will not want to miss out on this very destructive way to handle an opponent or two utilizing these methods. You will see how well it fits into JKD if necessary.

Wing Chun Course Description. 

In this years course we’ll be exploring Wing Chun sticking hands, called “Chi Sao” into stand up “Chin Na” Grappling. The words “Chin Na” translate to English to mean “locking and controlling”.

The day’s material will go into details on how the Wing Chun forms sequences build perfect movement habits to blend joint locking and structural leverage.  We’ll learn to safely regain control against an opponent intent on grabbing you, learn how to apply grappling hand tools to gain superior position and deploy unblockable striking options.

The seminar location will be at the:
Practical Self Defense Training Center
847 Hamilton ave, Waterbury, CT

Check in will be starting at 9am

Seminar starts at 10am (PLEASE be on time)
Ends at 5pm

Lunch break at 1…its easier if you bring your own lunch so no one is late.

Pre-register here –

$80 preregister – $100 at the door

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