Rape & Assualt Prevention Seminar June 5th 2022

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Rape & Assault Prevention Seminar.
Taught by Ron Kosakowski
Sunday, June 5th – 11 am to 2 pm approximately

At this workshop we are going to focus on what to do when approached by an attacker at various ranges. Such as being grabbed or protecting yourself from being hit up close and at a distance. You will learn basic pain and leverage compliant methods taken from a Filipino style called Kuntao, an ancient warrior style where you learn to fight back like a trapped animal. Ron has been in that particular martial art style since the mid 70’s with experience in many other martial art styles as well. You will see how in Kuntao, size, strength, or gender are irrelevant. You will be able to fight back and escape these frightening situations that could potentially occur. Knowledge in this type of self-defense is very important to have.

Come learn Self Defense & see how to make it a reflexive instinct!
FBI Statistics shows, 1 out of every 6 women are victims of assault or rape.
The Good News – 86% of women that fight back avoid this from happening to them. Now learn the skills to fight back so you will not to be that 1 out of 6 after taking this course. Be part of the 86% that fight back! Wear comfortable yet conservative clothing. This is a hands-on seminar where you learn first, then functionalize what you learn.
Go to PSDTC.com to pre-register online

The cost for this event is only $55.