EDGE Course 1 Day

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I am holding a step-by-step course that I feel everyone, regardless of what martial art style you do, this is a course you will need. Especially the way things are in the world today. On June 23rd/2024 I will be teaching part 1 of a course on empty hand vs knife.

For those who participate, I am offering this empty- hands vs knife course in a structured progression that I promise will give you the reflexes to pull off what you learn if you put in the work.

Knife vs empty hands is the most dangerous situation you can be in. It is not easy to do and what you learn needs to be practiced heavily. I will be doing these online courses and in seminar-classes training once a month at my school to give you time to train the reflexes needed for all the different scenarios you are taught.

While nothing is 100% when it comes to knife defense, this course will give you a very good fighting chance.To gain these skills, work needs to be done on all reflex development drills along with the live play progressions. This is literally learning a blade oriented system that can potentially save your life.

I will be holding part 1 of this event at the Practical Self Defense Training Center in Waterbury Connecticut. I will be teaching this as both, as a seminar for those who can make it and I am also offering this for long distance people online on Patreon. I will put the link in this video write up for you to follow. This way anyone in the world can learn to defend themselves from this course.

I am also offering certifications of instructorship for people who are willing to learn and put in the work it takes to complete all these courses I am offering.

Like any martial art style this takes work to be proficient.