Standard Membership 12 Months

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From: $125.00 / month


Membership valid 12 months of Martial Arts Study at the Practical Self Defense Training Center.

This membership grants admission to the following training groups:
• Youth JKD Grappling
• Adult Brazilian JuJitsu
• Jeet Kune Do
• Integrated Grappling
• Kuntao
• Kali

Value of $125/month – per month, for a duration of 12 Months.
Starts the day of this purchase.


By completing this purchase you agree to a 12 month agreement.  No refunds will be given on partially completed agreements. If you do not attend class you will still be charged. Accounts may be suspended only in the case of medical emergencies, must provide Doctor’s note, and can be reactivated when the student is cleared for return.  A Cancellation Fee of $175 will be charged for early contract termination. Cancellation Requires 30 Days notice. Failure to provide us 30 Days notice will result in continued charges.