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Sifu David Van Den Ameele


The late Sifu David Van Den Ameele

(Passed away back in 1997) had received two Apprentice Instructor certificates from Ron Kosakowski at the Practical Self Defense Training Center. One is in Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do Concepts and the other was in the Filipino Martial art, Kali – Silat. Dave has been training there a very long time and has been working very hard all those years at getting good detailed technical skill and of course, learning more! His hard work, his superior loyalty as well as all he does for the school is exactly what a true martial artists image is supposed to portray at the PSDTC.

Prior to coming to the PSDTC, Dave trained 18 yrs Ji do kwan-Tae Kwon Do Studying for 3rd degree Black Belt when his Instructor, Bud Whitney had Passed away. It was around this time Dave began his training at the Practical Self Defense Training Center in Waterbury Connecticut through a combination of regular classes, private training and workshops back around 1993 learning Jeet Kune Do, Kali-Silat and Integrated Grappling Systems. His goal now is to learn and train with the hopes of one day being an Instructor in the Rossi Kuntao System some day.

Unfortunately Dave had passed away from cancer. He was a good friend to everyone at the PSDTC and he was highly recommended by all students and instructors there. We miss him!