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Students doing self defense vs knife practice

Ron Kosakowski, Practical Self Defense Training Center

When it comes to self defense vs knife, we take it very serious. Its one of the most dangerous situations you can potentially be in. We put a lot of effort into self defense vs knife because it is so dangerous. Thats why we call our martial art school in Waterbury, CT – The Practical Self Defense Training Center!

OK, now check out this video:

The students Kris Kershner, and Eric Lee Arroyo are very advanced in Kuntao. They are utilizing a real knife here because, while practicing with a fake knife builds muscle memory, practicing with a fake knife all the time can get a student too complacent. Practicing against a real knife calms down that fear of razor sharp steel coming at you so you can feel what to do next without blockage of thought due to fear. But again, this is ONLY done with very advanced people and many steps are taken to get to that point of training. 

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Here is the schedule so you can see it for yourself Рwww.PSDTC.com/schedule 

Its fun to learn, its a real geometrical science like no other. You will be glad you joined us in the future!