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Jeet Kune Do & Wing Chun Seminar 1/26/2020


Save the date. This event is scheduled to run on Sunday, January 26th. 2020.

This will be our 10th year hosting this same event!  Students from all around the east coast come out to spend the day learning and training in the methods of Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun.

These arts each share their own unique philosophy in the function of the body during combat and in combat training. How you train is how you fight, and how you fight is a result of how you train. For the day’s event’s you’ll find a mountain of content, with tons of details on what it takes to make the movements work. 

Sifu Ron Kosakowski.
For the JKD session Sifu Ron will be sharing the progression flow methods featuring Trapping-to-Take Downs and submissions. From just inside of boxing range all the way to the finish. Putting all the pieces together. For more information on his regular group classes visit this page.

Jeet Kune Do is a conceptual martial art with training routines that include drills found in many martial art systems. One could say that JKD is a fusion of all of the best arts, with a core nucleus of ideas.

Some of which include the 4 ranges of un-armed combat that he suggest the martial artist learn: 1. Kicking 2. Boxing 3. Trapping/Chi Sao 4. Grappling. The Dao of JKD goes into much greater detail on the methods and additional theories of the system that Bruce was developing from his time in Hong Kong to his schools in America and until his passing in 1972. His disciples carried the torch after his passing and continued to improve and refine the skill set transfer of knowledge he was hoping each student would arrive to.

In the years he promoted his Arts methods in America he was viewed as a pioneer and innovator in Mixed Martial Arts. Modern day students are still trying to unlock the pieces he put together and build their own functional martial art that can excel in the street and in the cage. At this workshop, Sifu Ron will be guiding us all through the concepts and the functional training methods for his own expression of JKD.

Sifu Andy DiGuiseppi.
For the Wing Chun session Sifu Andy will be sharing a progressive flow of Wing Chun style kick boxing. Featuring the famous frontline kicks and long range hand techniques found in the advanced form sets. For more info on his regular group classes visit this page.

Wing Chun is a heritage Kung Fu system that touts is reputation all the way back to the Shaolin arts in Southern China. With roots in swordsmanship and weaponry, it is a fighting system and way of life for those that regularly study the methods. The art is classical in nature, in that it has Forms, and two man drills, which are used to extract the meanings of the forms. The style that was taught to Bruce Lee, by Grand Master Yip Man, was not a complete combat system by today’s standards. As it lacked any formal methods of ground grappling. It should be labeled as a stand up fighting system, for all ranges where you are on your feet or knees.

When Bruce Lee first arrived to the US, his primary ideas on martial art came from his time with Yip Man, and from his own expression of Wing Chun.

At this workshop, Sifu Andy will be guiding us all though the theories and training methods for his approach to Wing Chun

The Day’s Schedule:
9 am: Check in. Please be on time. 
10 am: JKD set begins. 
1 pm: Lunch break. 
2 pm: Wing Chun set begins. 
5pm. Group photo and Q & A


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