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Intense Kuntao Seminar August 10th & 11th/2019


Intense Kuntao Seminar August 10th & 11th/2019

Taught by Ron Kosakowski with well over 43 years into Kuntao and many other Filipino martial art styles.

SATURDAY – Kuntao on fighting on the ground. Ancient warriors would not neglect ground fighting. However, ground fighting in ancient times, for combat purposes, was not like the mainstream grappling you see today. This is a whole different story. When weapons are around you, more than one person is around you and the area is not matted, when you are surrounded. And of course, this is when you need to get to your weapon; you need to know how to contend with this area of combat situations. You will not want to miss out on this important lesson.

SUNDAY – We will continue the worst case scenario weapon oriented situations. Working with more than one person when you are up close and personal is not easy to contend with. You will be shown how to escape a multi man situation so you can get to your personal weapon be it a knife or a gun. Many are over confident when it comes to owning a weapon until you are surrounded by people that would potentially like to see you dead. Getting to your weapon is a neglected part of real skill with weapons. This is literally a geometrical science. For self-defense, learning technique is one thing. Pulling it off live by having the proper reflexes is another. These reflex development methods are already within the system and was considered to be a secret in ancient times. I will show you how it is done in my style of Kuntao. Kuntao is a weapon based multi man attack oriented style that goes back a few thousand years when this was more common situation to be in. It has been well preserved and fit into modern times

*Location – Practical Self Defense Training Center, 247 Hamilton Ave, Waterbury, CT

*Times each day – Starts 10:30 am sharp till 5:30 pm. Check in time starts at 930 to 10:25, 1 hour lunch at 1. It would be good to bring a lunch with you. Restaurants are in the area.

*Location: Practical Self Defense Training Center, 847 Hamilton Ave, Waterbury, CT

*Fee: Advanced Registration by August 19th

$140 two days. $75 one day

 At the door – $155 two days. $85 for one day. Pay in advance and save! 

*Optional items to bring: Training guns, training knives, mouth-piece, groin protection and eye protection. All the training items will for sale at the event if you need these them. Eye protection is not for sale at the PSDTC.

For more information or directions to the Practical Self Defense Training Center, contact Ron 203-802-8533 or Guro@psdtc.com

*The real and training weapons of TFW – TraditionalFilipinoWeapons.com will be for sale at this event.

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847 Hamilton Ave

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Here are some videos to showing how Kuntao works