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In-Tents Kuntao 3 Day Camp Out


Kuntao Training Camp—3 Day Event 2018

July 27th, 28th, 29th 2018

This unique Filipino martial art workshop will be conducted by Ron Kosakowski
8 hours each day of intensive Kuntao training.
There will be breaks for lunch, water, rest and discussion in between training.


The first day of this camp, we will do a little bit of the empty hand Kali. It’s something that is very important to learn if you are a serious FMA practitioner. The empty hand fighting aspects of all FMA’s going back to ancient times were used primarily as a fighting method to get to your weapon or you lost your weapon. To accomplish this, a real geometrical science was needed to fight against one on one or worse yet, multi man attacks with and without weapons. We will work both, the Pangkamut/Panantukin and Dumog areas of Kali/Arnis/Eskrima. If you are very into Filipino martial arts, this is something you will not want to miss out on.


We will learn a few takedowns from my Kuntao style, then I will go over the drilling methods of Kuntao that give you the reflexes to pull it off. I am combining this lesson with the progression for redirecting strikes. You will find it is a flawless methodology in Kuntao and very obviously logical once you see how it works. You will love this part of the course. It is the foundation of Kuntao where everything in the style seems to be related in one way or another …it is the foundation that puts my Kuntao style together.


Baseball Bat and club attacks will be the subject for this area of Kuntao. As I said in the DAY 1 part of the course, empty hand fighting was to get to your weapon or you possibly lost your weapon. The most dangerous situation is where you do not have a weapon and you are attacked with a weapon. Body positioning along with footwork and a LOT of practice is the only way to be able to defend yourself in these situations. Kuntao is a geometrical science but it has to be well trained to pull this type of thing off. Its not an easy situation to handle at all, nothing is 100% when it comes to empty hands vs weapons. It is much better to have this kind of knowledge than to run into it and not know what to do.

Between 4:00 and 5pm Sunday, pictures taken to preserve good memories, last minute questions then we all go home. I would say prepare to go home approximately 6pm to be safe.


Workshop Schedule:

Friday, July 27 – starting 5pm sharp – to whenever we want to end that night

Saturday, July 28  – starting 10:30am  –  8pm

Sunday, July 29  – starting10am – photos, and saying goodbyes to new friends, then we all go home

Approximately 1 hour or so lunch on Saturday and Sunday, around 1pm.
Breaks for water and a little rest will be given throughout the day if needed.
All 3 days, we take breaks here and there for water or whatever you need. 


Advanced Registration by July 27th (pay in advance and save!) 

  • Advance Registration – $235.00
  • Can only make it one day – $100
  • Can only make it 2 days – $185
  • If you did not prepay – July 27th – $265.00 for 3 days, $195 for 2 days & $110 for one day-absolutely no exceptions so pay early and save money!

Tuition Options

 Tents are allowed or if you have a camper you can use that.
Visa and MasterCard are accepted for pre-registration, clothing or equipment. Call 203 596 9073 to pay by credit card.

Check-in Time:

Friday the 27th between 3:30-4:45 We are going to do our best to start up by 5 pm sharp so please be on time on the 5th of August We will train till its to dark to see.

Make plans now so there is no reason to be late for any of the days at this camp. 
 Optional items to bring:
Bring a baseball bat and a pair of sticks for this event. Training knives, mouth piece, cups. All types of Filipino training weapons are needed. If you do not have this gear, it is all sold at the PSDTC and will be at the camp for sale. The weapons of TFW seen on TraditionalFilipinoWeapons.com will be on display for collectors looking to purchase them at this Kuntao camp.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW – Also, everyone should bring a cooler full of food, enough to feed you and whoever you are with for the 3 days. There are food stores and other stores near the Kuntao camp for people who may need a few things. A tent, a portable shower if you can. Bathrooms are available.Bring basic camping gear. For the most part, you are ruffing it but the old fashioned way but its a great way to learn Kuntao. If you do not want to camp out, there are hotels in the Southbury, CT within a mile away.


602 Southford Rd, Southbury, Connecticut

We will be using the property of my friend and student, Eric Dibner. Its on 11 acres of beautiful country scenery off a long private driveway in the woods. There is a pool to cool off in between lessons if need be. You can bring a tent or a camper. 

  Call Ron at 203 802 8533 Day –  At Night call 203 596 9073 if you need more information or to pay by credit card.

To learn more about Ron Kosakowski and his martial arts background, go to https://psdtc.com/instructors/sifu-guru-ron-kosakowski/ 

To learn more about our Kuntao style, go to – https://psdtc.com/classes/filipino-kun-tao/