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For women looking for a great workout along with developing very good self defense skills, you will want to go to the Kuntao classes. Kuntao (also spelled Kun Tao) is a complete combat oriented system from the Philippines designed over 2700 years ago for self defense that can be taken to any extreme necessary without the use of size or strength. Women always have liked Kuntao due to the content of the style. Everyone, female or male, all see good results in strength development in the core of the body and the legs within only a month of Kuntao training. On top of that and very importantly, everyone gains confidence in their fighting skill.


Kuntao (pronounced - Koon-taw) is a very unique style as well as a very rare style. It has to be seen to be believed. there is no other martial art like it around here. In fact, outside the Philippines, it is very hard style to find. It is a style that has been kept in secrecy for nearly 3000 years and is still like that today. It is a Filipino martial art that is being kept alive here in the US through Ron Kosakowski and whatever students stay long enough to learn this system. Everyone training at the PSDTC in Kuntao can tell you that the progression within the style can be addicting because if you are consistent, you see good results as every month goes by. This is a style that will make you strong, healthy and to have the confidence to go anywhere without fear.


To sign up for this class, you can call 203 596 9073 or 203 802 8533.

Try one class out free, to see if it is for you. If you like it, and you will, sign up that night!


Kuntao on Connecticut Styles Channel 8


To see more information, to see more videos and get a better understanding Of Kuntao CLICK HERE



Also offered for women's self defense:

HERE IS AN ADDED BONUS - For women looking to get into great shape and need morning classes for this kind of here for more information


Ron Kosakowski offers Rape prevention seminars for High Schools, Colleges, small businesses and corporate businesses. clubs or for anyone interested in learning. Contact Ron at if you would like to book a seminar like this.

Private and semi private lessons are also available!


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Women's self defense through Kuntao/Kuntau/Kuntaw

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