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The PSDTC Was Established in 1988

An education in martial science as well as martial art!

A literal university of many martial art styles right here in Waterbury!


Click here to see information on Inosanto Kali and Pekiti Tirsia Kali Click here to see information on Inosanto Kali and Pekiti Tirsia Kali Cick here to see information on Kun Tao Dumpag Click here to see information on Jun Fan Gung Fu/ Jeet Kune Do, Mixed Martial arts, MMA fighting, Muay Thai Click here to see a blend of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Russian Sombo, Shoot Wrestling, Judo, Kuntao, Silat adn Dumog for just grappling, Mixed Martial Arts, MMA fighting or self defense purposes
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.We offer a Free Trial Class To See Which Style Fits Your Personal Needs!.


The PSDTC is a literal university of many martial art styles including MMA training.

There is no other school like it in Connecticut guaranteed!


Click the symbols above for those particular styles and to see more, click the links below. Thank you!




Women's MMA, Muay Thai & Boxing Fitness Classes - Looking to get a good workout and gain very good self defense skills at the same time?  This is just what you are looking for! Click Here For More Information....


Wing Chun Kuen





Wing Chun Kuen classes at the Practical Self Defense Training Center in Waterbury, CT. For those of you are interested in learning Wing Chun...CLICK HERE


Our Blend of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Catch Wrestling (AKA, Catch-As-Catch-Can), Judo, Shooto, Russian Sombo, Dumog and other blended SE Asian Grappling Styles called, Integrated Grappling Systems classes...Teens and Adults classes that produces champions...Click Here - IGS Classes




.Martial Art Events and Other Valuable Information:.


  • CHECK THIS OUT - Our Annual In-Tents Kuntao Camp will be here July 28th. 29th. and the 30th - Click here For more information on this camp - CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION...This event will be canceled this year due to my son fighting that weekend for a championship MMA fight. I have to be there. However, I will be scheduling a 2 day Kuntao seminar soon so you do not miss out. Thank you and stay in touch.



  • Interested in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting, or Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and also grappling tournaments? Do you have what it takes to be an MMA fighter? Come on down to see what you have to do. We have the best intricate MMA program in Connecticut. Click here for information on MMA classes


  • Children-Only Classes - Kids spending too much time in front of the TV and video games?  Physical fitness is the key to mental and physical health as well as weight loss!  We have a fantastic martial arts program for children based on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! 3 days per-week and a great price! FREE TRIAL CLASS! Information...



  • Video Release - Our first: "PSDTC Workshop Highlights Volume 1: Grappling & Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fighting Workshop" - Special introductory pricing is in effect, so buy today!  Details...


  • Discussion Forum - topics in the martial arts to health and fitness... even current  affairs—join the buzz on our forum.  Open to the public regardless of what style you are currently involved in.  Visit...



  • Traditional Filipino Weapons...Beautiful Handmade Swords and Knives from the Philippines, Click Here...





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