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Kali Double Stick/Sword Multi-Man Attack Seminar Sunday, June 30/2019…


At this seminar, I will be teaching double stick and sword. The progression will be the appropriate drilling methods that will lead up to some live play. This progression will help you understand the drilling methods so you can find and pull off the techniques you learned in the drills. Its not easy fighting with double sticks or double swords. I can guarantee you will find it easy after this seminar or at least have a much better understanding of this area of Kali/Arnis/Eskrima.   Approximately 1 hour or so lunch on Sunday June 29th, around 1:30 pm.  Fee: Advanced Registration by November 2nd (pay in advance and save!) • Advance Registration – $65 • At the door -$80  Check-in Time: Between 9-10 am ….

Jeet Kune Do & Wing Chun Seminar. Jan 26th.


Join us this year as we kick off another season of high calibur martial arts training. This event will be a day of learning split between the Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun course material. Learn 6 months of material in a single day of training. Now we all know that you’ll need to practice what you learn to really get the skill. But first you have to be exposed to the information.! From the hands and minds of our talented and veteran staff of martial art instructors. We promise a killer work out, and a wealth of knowledge. Questions and answers as we go. And stick around for the group photo just before we break for lunch. Check in starts at 9:30am. Check the…