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Beautiful Handmade Swords and Knives from the Philippines!

A Blade Collector's Dream!

These are guaranteed to be the highest quality blade steel for Filipino weapons sold in the USA or anywhere else right now and at VERY good prices! take note that these blades are NOT made of re-melted spring steel that were mass produced by computerized machines like other reputable companies are selling. These are hand forged to perfection using only VERY high quality steels, that have been tested not only in jungle warfare's but also used to defend their lands during the war. 

These Filipino bladed weapons as well as the other weapons maintained historical superiority that are guaranteed not be found anywhere else. They are all made solid from top to bottom so each one is combat ready to take any type of normal punishment. In other words, the handles are custom made to be full tang so the handles will NEVER come loose. They are engineered perfectly by craftsmen who have been making these blades within their family tribe for centuries. You can actually feel the deadly potential behind these Filipino blades by just holding one in your hand!

These Philippine indigenous weapons are a must have for all sword and knife collectors looking for the best! You will see for yourself that no one else can compete with what we have here!

We can ship these Filipino Weapons to almost anywhere in the world

For easy navigation each link will direct you right to the new Traditional Filipino Weapon site:


Knives from the Philippines:

Filipino Karambits - Click Here

Pakal Blades - Click Here

Swords from the Philippines:

Ginunting - Click Here

Barong - Click Here

Kampilan - Click Here

Pinute - Click Here

Sanduko & Dagger - Click Here

Talibong - Click Here

Golok - Click Here

ESPADA Y DAGA - Click Here


WAR GOLOK - Click Here

KATIPUNAN - Click Here

PANABAS - Click Here

Here is the start of a large Kris sword collection:

KRIS #1 - Click Here

KRIS #2 - Click Here

KRIS #3 - Click Here

KRIS #4 - Click Here

Kalis - Click Here

New Blades Below

Maguindanao Kris - Click Here

Balisong Knives - Click Here

Gunong - Click Here

Punyal - Click Here

Iron Wood Sticks Hand Carved From the Philippines:


Look At Our Our Rattan Weapons Below - Kali Sticks, Staffs, Filipino Spears and Palm Sticks:

We also have the highest quality rattan...our sticks are well known to break apart other peoples sticks and staffs during practice or fighting! They have to be seen to be believed!

Rattan Fighting Weapons - Click Here

MALAYU SIBAT (Philippine spear) - Click Here


Please note that we now take VISA and MASTERCARD for your convenience!


Please also note that we give very fast service for all deliveries!

If you are a Filipino warrior weapon collector you don't have to look any further! Every single indigenous weapon from the Philippines will be here soon! Book mark this site and visit often to make sure you don't miss out. These swords and knives sell very fast!

To see the status of how many are left and some testimonials, Click Below:






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