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Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu

As taught by Sifu, Andy Di Guiseppi in Waterbury, CT



 Wing Chun Kung Fu, Waterbury, Connecticut

What is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

"Wing Chun Kuen" (Kuuynn) is the traditional Cantonese way of pronouncing
this art.

Its most authentic translation is:  "The Eternal Springtime Fist"

"Wing Yin Chi Ji - Mo Mong Hong Juk - Dai Day Wu Chun"
Translation: Always speak with determination, don't forget the Han nation,  Wing Chun elbow
for we will return in spring.

Its name is a testament to the fallen Ming dynasty, for which they hoped
would last for an eternal spring.

This variety of Chinese kung fu is a new comer to the world of martial arts.
Its origination stems from the warriors of the Ming dynasty just 300 years

China's Ming Dynasty was being overthrown by the invading Manchurians.
Their bloody advance pressed the surviving Ming supporters into the south
and toward the sea.

During this time, the art and its practitioners found their safe haven
amongst the temple monks of Shaolin.  After the entire country was claimed
by the Manchus, suppression of the remaining Ming was of the highest
priority to establish and maintain this regime change.

The Ching dynasty began, and with that, martial arts was outlawed. Even
further, any suspected Ming supporters were hunted down, and killed.  All Wing Chun, chi sao
temples suspicious of rebellious conspiracy were burned to the ground.
This devastating attack directly to the heart of the remaining rebellion
sent the Ming supporters further south, to the harbors of Hong Kong, and
Taiwan.  Very few warriors survived the temple raisings and only handfuls of
men remained. They did their best to return back to the population, under
cover and with out a trace.

Until this century, Wing Chun has remained a closely guarded secret art
passed down only from family member to family member. Even today some
masters might only take 3 - 4 students in their entire lifetime.  Wing Chun
and what it stood for has always been a pride to the Chinese people.

Finally in this century, the art found its way to the light of the public.
This was made possible by the efforts of one man, Sifu Yip Man.  In 1950,
Yip Man fled main land China for Hong Kong, during the communist take over. 
While in Hong Kong, Yip taught hundreds of students until his passing in
1972.  Among these students was the famous Chinese actor and martial artist
Bruce Lee, Lee Jun Fan.
Most Wing Chun available in the world today can claim a direct lineage to Wing Chun chi sao, pak da or pak dar
Grand Master Yip Man.

The style of Wing Chun I teach is a precisely well rounded system, with all
foot work, handwork, reflex training, and martial theories intact.

The Wing Chun I teach includes a large variety of training sets...

These sets include:

The "Siu Lim Tao" Form (Little Idea)

The "Chum Kiu" Form (Seeking the Bridge, Sinking the Bridge)

The "Biu Jee" Form (Thrusting Fingers)

The "Mook Yan Jong Form (The Wooden Man)

The "Lok Dim Boon Gwan" Form & Power Training (Dragon Pole)

The "Baat Cham Do" Form & Power Training (Butterfly Swords)

Chi Gung (Energy Work, Cultivation)

Fon Sao Training (Trapping Hands)

Dan Chi Sao (Single Sticking Hands)

Chi Sao ( Double Sticking Hands)

Chi Gurk (Sticking Leg Exercises)

Kham Na (Joint Locking and Seizing)

Mui Fa Jong (Plum Flower Poles, Footwork patterns)

In addition to these very deep training sets, I provide each student with the
traditional training proverbs called "Wing Chun Kuen Kuit".
These are the Theories and Maxims for training, and developing a true
understanding of why this art works.

Traditional Shaolin kung fu takes 18 years to produce a qualified warrior.
The Wing Chun system can be completed in 3-5 years.
Its methods were designed to exploit the "chinks in the armor" of their
enemies both literally and figuratively.

In the world of empty hand fighting, and street fighting, there is no real
armor, but rather chinks in the armor of the human body.
The skeletal system and muscle system of the human body has many gaps and
weaknesses, regardless of height, weight, age, or gender.

This art has many concepts and theories, all practical, and truly

For more information, go to Wing Chun FAQs

To learn more about our Wing Chung style join the forums and introduce your self!, my username is, lightninghands
http//, same username.


Email Andy any time:

Or call, 203-596-9073 or 203-802-8533


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