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Jesse James Kosakowski, now 6 years old, had done a drawing of what he wants to do to Osama Bin Laden. I had to put it on this site because I know everyone else out there feels exactly the same way he does about the attacks on our country. He is now 6 years old but at the time he drew this picture he was 5 years old. Take a look at it...I personally feel it speaks for everyone in America!

Click here Jesse pics

November 3rd 2002,the Rape & Mugging Prevention workshop went very well. This workshop was held at the Practical Self Defense Training Center in Waterbury Connecticut taught by Ron Kosakowski and Gina Santoro with the help of some of the other students. The only way to prevent these situations from happening to you is to be educated on how to prevent it along with the knowledge on "how to fight back." 86% of all rapes were prevented by women who would just fight back and not let it happen...a good statistic to hear about for once! And the women left this workshop with some good knowledge on how to fight back very well!

For information on how to get to participate in future events like this feel free to call 203-596-9073 or  email us at

More news - The Child Abduction Prevention workshop on October 20th went very well. Channel 30 News caught wind of it and came up to do a segment on this particular workshop. They felt it was important for the public to know that we are educating kids and their parents on how to prevent this type of nightmare from happening to them. If you want your child to understand the scientific aspects of martial arts and how to be safe in our crazy world, feel free to e-mail us for more information at We are here to help the public in all areas of self defense, especially our children! 

To add to what you just read above, we were on Channel 30 again Thursday, October 31st at 10 am eastern standard time. The name of the show was "NBC 30 CT News Today." We showed some of the martial arts we teach here at the PSDTC as well as educating the public on women's self defense. Our goal is to see that women and children are protected against predators and the media is now taking notice to it. The more people that are noticing that we are doing this for them, it will be that many more women and children that will be safe in our society. It is good to see the media is also involved in letting people know that there are predators out there and that we are here to help them protect themselves. Our thanks goes out to them!

There are a lot of new changes going on at the PSDTC! 

A lot of other changes going on right now, which makes it easier to find time to train and learn the martial arts taught at the Practical Self Defense Training Center!  E-mail Ron or Gina to find out what it is!

Well, we had the FOX 61 news crew at the Practical Self Defense Training Center June 1st 2003 for the women's self defense workshop. This is the 3rd time this year we made the news (see news archives) for our self defense lessons for women as well as children. Gina had a chance to beat up the news reporter; he put on the gear we use for the simulated assailant's protection and attacked her only to find himself overwhelmed by her fighting skill by being taken down, controlled and hit. Actually, due to his lack of experience, she went easy on him! Everyone had fun and learned how to fight back well at that workshop. And soon we will have pictures of the June 1st women's self defense workshop so you can get a better idea of what we teach. The women who attended did a fantastic job. Some of them were there for the second time, which is recommended if you do not have the time to attend regular classes. 

We are in the process of booking another women's self defense workshop for the near future. Just e-mail Ron or Gina  to be on our mailing list so we can keep you informed of when we have these type of activities going on. The next one will be on how to survive when being taken to the ground by a large man. 

If you are serious about learning realistic self defense, you won't want to miss this one!

The newest Kun Tao Purple Belts made at the Practical Self Defense Training Center. A very difficult test to pass, but worth the time and effort. This test proves that a person can actually use what they are taught in Kun Tao classes.Five new Purple Belts have been made in Kun Tao at the Practical Self Defense Training Center. This is NOT an easy test and they worked very hard to get the whole test as close to perfect as they can. A Purple Belt in Kun Tao at the PSDTC is a very prestigious rank. They all did very well and past with a very good score. Starting to the left:

John Marinaro, Frank Summa, Kun Tao Instructor, Ron Kosakowski in the middle, Shawn Patterson, Tony Tramontano and Dennis Ryan. This picture was taken right after a long hard day of long hard testing. They are very happy and all of us at the PSDTC are all very proud of this accomplishment. 


If you are one to have an interest in the Filipino Culture go to: 

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***THIS IS A MUST SEE!** Action pictures and MPEG's of the woman's Self Defense workshop November 30th 2002, that was held at the Practical Self Defense Training Center! Watch how these woman learned to FIGHT BACK, all within 4 hours of intense training and learning! 

CLICK RIGHT HERE to see it for yourself!  

Very entertaining**





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