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Page 2 - Additional Filipino martial art Information

Kali, although this area of Filipino martial arts is known to some people after the Spanish settlement in the Philippines as Arnis or Eskrima is an important class to attend for a complete understanding of self-defense. There is nothing like taking weapon defenses from a very well put together weapon oriented martial art.  

This class usually starts out with by repetitiously swinging the stick in a few of the different angles Ron practicing a shadow boxing method from Kaliof attack over and over again in combination to develop endurance and muscle memory. At the Practical Self Defense Training Center, beginners learn and memorize 17 angles of attack how to use them for actual combat situations and the defenses against those angles of attack in different ranges. Defenses and drills from long range to medium range are practiced with the stick and also the knife that will help develop spontaneous reaction to different angles of attack in all ranges.

The more advanced people do their drilling a little more randomly. Isolation sparring is also done to solve problems and gain defensive reflexes in a certain angle of attack coming at a student at a given time. Or to just get better at defending a certain angle for attribute development. A lot of knife sparring with methods of sparring such as knife Vs knife, double knife Vs knife and double knife Vs double knife and most importantly empty hand Vs knife is done. Knife wrestling is also done constantly with Knife Vs Knife or empty hand Vs knifeInitiating an attack from escrima, still in shadow boxing as well. Empty hand fighting methods Vs weapon, really develops fast reflexes and that is real good scenario training for self defense purposes if that situation should ever occur!  And in a knife fight or if ever attacked by a knife wielding individual...he does not want to give up his weapon, so this type of training is very important to understand and to train hard in to be prepared ahead of time if you are ever attacked by a bladed weapon as well as a full understanding of the Filipino art and culture!

For a selection  of different stick sparring exercises, you Still shadow boxing! It's a great exercise and it really helps to sharpen your stick fighting.have a choice to use either foam covered sticks with as much gear as you want to wear or the real rattan with minimal gear. Layog and Dumog (Clench range) is learned with a knife and without a knife along with stick Vs, stick or empty hand Vs stick. Panantukin (hand range) along with Pananjakman (kicking range) are learned also to enhance your Kali skill for your empty hand fighting. The empty hand area of Kali is good for empty hand Vs weapons so you can develop quick reflexes if ever needed in such a serious self defense situation. 



           To understand what our Filipino martial art background is based on, here are 12 areas of the Lacoste / Inosanto Blend of Kali with some of the terminology that is used at the Practical Self Defense Training Center:


1st Area
  • Single Stick (Olisi or Bastone)

  • Single Sword

  • Single Axe

  • Single Cane


2nd Area
  • Double Stick (Double Olisi) or (Dubli Bastone)

  • Double Sword

  • Double Axe 


3rd Area
  • Stick and Dagger (Olisi-Baraw) or (Bastone y Daga)

  • Cane and Dagger

  • Sword and Dagger (Espada y Daga)

  • Sword and Shield

  • Long and Short Stick 4th Area


4th Area
  • Double Dagger (Baraw-Baraw) or (Dubli Daga)

  • Double Short Sticks 


5th Area
  • Single Dagger (Baraw-Kamot)

  • Single Short Stick 


6th Area
  • Palm Stick (Olisi-Palad)

  • Double end Dagger 


7th Area Pangamut, Kamot-Kamot or Empty Hands
  • Panantukin (Boxing to include use of the Elbows) Elbows (Sieko)

  • Pananjakman or Panantukin and Sikaran (Kicking to include use of Knees and Shin)

  • Dumog, Layug, or Buno (Grappling) and Kuntzi (Locking)

  • Ankab-Pagkusi also heard kini mutai (Bite and Pinch)

  • Sagong Labo or Higot-Hubud-Lubud (“Tying-untying, and blending the two”, trapping range sensitivity exercise)


8th Area (Long Weapons)
  • Staff (Sibat)

  • Oar (Dula)

  • Paddle (Bugsay)

  • Spear (Bangkaw)

  • Spear and Circular Shield

  • Spear and Rectangular Shield

  • Spear and Sword/Stick

  • Spear and Dagger

  • Two Handed Method (Heavy stick, Olisi Dalawang kamot)

  • Two Handed Method (Regular stick) 


9th Area Flexible Weapons
  • Sarong (clothing worn in Southern Philippines and Indonesia)

  • Belt or Sash

  • Whip (Latigo)

  • Rope (Lubid)

  • Chain (Cadena)

  • Scarf, headband, Handkerchief (Panyo)

  • Flail (commonly known as the nunchucko) Olisi Toyok or Tobak Toyok

  • Yo-yo

  • Stingray Tail 


10th Area Hand thrown weapons, Tapon-Tapon
  • Spear

  • Dagger

  • Wooden Splinter

  • Spikes

  • Coins, Washers

  • Stones, Rocks

  • Sand, Mud, Dirt

  • Pepper, Powder

  • Any object that can be thrown 


11th Area Projectile Weapons
  • Bow and Arrow (Pana)

  • Blowgun (Sumpit)

  • Slingshot (Pana Palad)

  • Lantanka (Portable Cannon) 


12th Area Mental, Emotional, Spiritual training
  • Healing Arts

  • Health Skills

  • Rhythm and Dance

  • History, Philosophy and Ethics




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Kali, Arnis & Escrima
847 Hamilton Ave (Rt 69).
Waterbury, Connecticut 06706
203-596-9073 or 203-802-8533





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