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847 Hamilton Ave (Rt 69).
Waterbury, Connecticut 06706

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JUN FAN GUNG FU / JEET KUNE DO -The kicking, boxing and trapping class (i.e., standing fighting aspects of Jeet Kune Do, although there are days when the fight training could be taken to the floor) usually starts off with exercises that will develop endurance and to develop joint and ab strength as well as balanced strength throughout the body. Stretching out different parts of the body usually follows right after a good warm up. An equipment workout usually begins the class after warm-ups are done, either on the 125lb heavy bags, Thai pads and/or focus mitts. Equipment training for tool development is often done for focus speed, power and repetition of movement to enhance natural responses and follow-ups for techniques practiced. Then, technical details that fit accordingly to the level of students are taught in the area of defense to offensive movements we are covering at that particular time. 

After details are understood on the subject taught that day along with some alternative variations, isolation sparring or staying within one range to develop that technique to its fullest is part of the normal routine. Random sparring with as much protective equipment as you would like to wear is usually done at the end of the class. Some days, depending on the level of the class sparring with guidance is done to get the experience on where to pull off all the material you had been learning over the time you had been a member. This helps you understand all the technical details of learning to fight by actually fighting. Friday night class at the PSDTC is open time to do stand up fighting, wrestle or both, or to just go over techniques and drills to perfect your skill.  

Jeet Kune Do terminology plays a big part in the way it is taught at the Practical Self Defense Training Center in Waterbury Connecticut. Jeet Kune Do Terminology is important to learn and understand so you learn the historical value behind this Chinese/American born style. 

For all PSDTC students and friends who would like to learn more about the Jeet Kune Do terminology - CLICK HERE TO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF!



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As you can see, Jeet Kune Do is to develop your fighting skills in different ranges. Outside of ground fighting, it takes some protective equipment to be able to go all out and still be able to go to work the next day along with other everyday normal activities. So you will need some of that protective equipment so you will be able to develop your fighting reflexes to it's fullest. At the Practical Self Defense Training Center, we sell all the training equipment you will need at a much better price than you would see in sport stores and many different training equipment catalogs. When you are ready to join in on the Jeet Kune Do classes, just ask one of the instructors down there and they would be happy to assist you in what you will need to start off with and what you will need as you progress. 

At the Practical Self Defense Training Center, there already is a very good setup with a lot of training equipment like wall to wall matts, 125 lb six foot long Thai bag and all kinds of weights and weight training benches. There is a lot of stuff there to develop the skills in the other styles taught there as well. This is a school you don't want to miss out on training at...why go anywhere else that has less? This is a real martial art training gym!

For people who like the contact type fighting at the Practical Self Defense Training Center like the concepts of Jeet Kune Do for No Holds Barred fighting. Fighters over the years at the PSDTC have been successful having these fighting methods as part of their stand-up game. Of course, there is the study of some other related styles to help develop all around skill for anyone involved with Jeet Kune Do at the PSDTC.

Coming back with a good jab! Nice Jeet Kune Do form...or is this Panantukin?



In this picture you can see the late Sifu Larry Hartsell has worked Ron to death in his Jeet Kune Do, every time he trained with him.

Larry Hartsell trained Ron's form as well as his defensive reactions to be sharp, to hit without being hit.

The picture shows one of the training methods with the focus mitts Sifu Larry Hartsell was putting Ron through to ensure he stays sharp.

A side note here - Sifu Larry Hartsell had passed away back in August 20th, 2007. He was literally a treasure chest of knowledge in Jeet Kune Do, Catch Wrestling, Shoot Wrestling, Dumog, Judo and many styles of Filipino martial arts just to name a few. To find an instructor near you, go to It is hard to find a legitimate Jeet Kune Do instructor now a days. All of us have an old Larry Hartsell saying - "you either get it, or you don't." All instructors listed will teach you so you get it. ;)


One might can an individual get the skill to see a punch, a kick or a submission coming or maybe a
slash from a blade ahead of time? Regardless of what style this skill is acquired from, reflex development comes from the training methods from the various drills offered in class. Of course very importantly, the time that an individual puts into the training methods. Whether it be the drilling methods, practice of individual techniques, sparring and/or submission wrestling and of course, self defense scenario training. Time has to be spent in each area of training. Only then, you will see it becomes a 6th sense almost as if you can predict your opponents next move beforehand only if the time is put in for practice. That is why consistency in showing up in class is stressed at the PSDTC so you don't miss out on anything. There is the secret to becoming a good martial artist all in one paragraph!

By the way, for those looking for fight training for mixed martial arts (MMA), Jeet Kune Do/Grappling/Muay Thai classes are perfect for you. Give us a call to sign up if that appeals to you. We are looking for fighters as well as people who just want to learn.


To see some of our Jeet Kune Do fighters in action, click here...


Click here for the Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do class schedule


 "Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake."

- Chessmaster Savielly Grigorievitch Tartakower


Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do/MMA/Muay Thai
847 Hamilton Ave (Rt 69).
Waterbury, CT 06706





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