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Filipino Indigenous Fighting Arts Retreat

This unique Filipino fighting art training will be conducted by:

Tuhon Rommel Tortal – Pekiti Tirsia Kali & Master Ron Kosakowski – Kuntao

July, 19, 20 & 21, 2013


849 Warwick TPKE

Hewitt, New Jersey 07421

This never seen before historical event is going to be approximately 8 hours a day of intense Kuntao (4hours) and Pekiti Tirsia Kali training (4hours).

There will be breaks for lunch, water and rest in between training.

Ron Kosakowski – Kuntao, 1st half

Friday - The use of Kuntao hand movements and foot work along with monitoring your opponent, which will place you in position before your opponent can get to you, will be taught in detail. That is a science within itself. You will learn how to use what your opponent does against him. This is the foundation of Kuntao that will make the rest of the style easier to learn. The training methods for the traditional balance and conditioning will also be worked on and explained.

Saturday 4 hours - A lot of coverage on the ground fighting aspects of Kuntao will be shown. These fighting methods are unique to Kuntao. This is not the mainstream wrestling methods you see now a days. These ground fighting methods were created to defend against worst case scenario situations. These tactics were created to defend multi-man attack and weapon defense situations...things you do not want end up against in a wrestling situation. This area of Kuntao training is a very good core workout and is not seen in other martial art styles.

Sunday 4 hours - The most dangerous situation you can be up against is a knife wielding individual who wants to kill you. Our Kuntao adage is, "get cut but be skilled enough not to get killed." Here you will really see how the Kuntao monitoring system really works.  You will learn functional foot work coordinated with rhythmic hand movements to defend against this dangerous situation. Many static knife scenarios, as in hostage situations or getting robbed or threatened will be shown as well.

Tuhon Rommel Tortal – Pekiti Tirsia Kali and Dumog, 2nd half

Friday – Double sticks/ Double Blade, Single stick/ Single Blade

Saturday- 4 hours – Double Knife/  Single Knife/  Lugod ( Karambit)

Sunday – 4 hours    Malayu Sibat or (spear), Pangamut, Dumog.


More information about Kuntao along with 3 different videos, click here

More information on the Pekiti Tirsia Kali fighting methods and a video, click here

Filipino Indigenous Fighting art training Schedule:
Friday, July 19th  - starting 4pm - to whenever we want to end that night

Saturday, July 20th - starting 9:30am - 8pm

Sunday, July 21st  - starting 9:30am - 6pm

Approximately 1 hour and a half or so lunch Saturday & Sunday around 1pm. Breaks for water and a little rest will be given in the morning and afternoon.

Fee: Advanced Registration by July 18th 2013 (pay in advance and save!)

Advanced Registration – food included - $375.00
Food bathrooms and showers included

At the door price – $399.00…no exceptions! Pay early and save!

Visa and MasterCard are accepted for pre-registration and training equipment.  Call 203 - 596 - 9073 or 203 - 802 - 8533 to pay by credit card.

Below is a PayPal button there to prepay ahead of time for your convenience. Its easy to sign up on PayPal. All you need is a credit card.

Check-in Time:
Between 2:00 pm - 3:45 pm Friday, July 19th. Reminder we start training at 4 pm so please be on time!

Optional items to bring:
Make sure you bring a tent and camping equipment you will need for camping comfort. Bring sticks, knives, eye protection, maybe a mouth piece.


The weapons of TFW will also be on display for collectors looking to purchase them. Also, training Staffs (for Malayu Sibat training), knives and sticks will be for sale there for those who need new ones. You can also order these training weapons ahead of time by clicking here -

Location of the Kuntao/Pekiti Tirsia Kali out door camp:

849 Warwick TPKE

Hewitt, NJ 07421


This training camp is on132 acres of beautiful land. There is a big lake for fishing and/or enjoyment for people interested!

The price of this training includes training in both Filipino fighting styles, showers, bathrooms as well as food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is going to be very educational and fun for those interested in learning the best Filipino martial arts the Philippines has to offer.

Guaranteed you will see no other training and learning like this anywhere else.

Plus, after the training there will be more demonstrations, questions and answers, and time for laughs and a bon-fire.

To miss this first time event in history with these styles of Kali and Kuntao together would be a shame..

We look forward to seeing you all there.


For more information or directions to the Practical Self Defense Training Center, contact Ron 203-802-8533 or 203-596-9073 or

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I waive all rights to possible injury to Rommel Tortal, Ron Kosakowski and all their associates at the Filipino Indigenous Fighting Arts Retreat.




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Its easy to sign up on PayPal (as seen above). All you need is a credit card.


Please make check or money orders payable to PSDTC:                                      


                                  847 Hamilton Ave

                                  Waterbury, Ct. 06706

Contact Ron -


Pekiti Tirsia Kali/Kuntao
847 Hamilton Ave (Rt 69).
Waterbury, Connecticut 06706
203-596-9073 or 203-802-8533






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