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Jeet Kune Do/Wing Chun Workshop

Conducted by Andy DiGuiseppi (Wing Chun) & Ron Kosakowski (Jeet Kune Do/Grappling) 

Sunday February 8th, 2015, 10:00am to 5:00 pm with a 1 hour lunch break


***The 1st half of the day will be Jeet Kune Do standing fighting/Trapping into Grappling taught by Sifu Ron Kosakowski:

During the Jeet Kune Do portion of this seminar I will be teaching a lot of the intercepting, trapping to grappling tactics taught to me by the late Larry Hartsell, one of Bruce Lee's original students, who took grappling to whole new realm. We will go into it with that exact progression right down to the ground to controlling to locking. On this seminar, I plan on focusing on a lot of the leg locking material. Its an area that is hard to counter. I will show how to get into leg locking from about any position you can be in and the alternative move when the initial technique fails. You will really enjoy this seminar.


Sifu Ron is one of only a couple of Senior Full Instructors under the late Sifu Larry Hartsell. Sifu Larry (original student under Bruce Lee) was well known for his boxing to trapping right into many different grappling tactics from many different grappling styles. At this seminar, Ron will show the tactical fighting method he learned from the late Sifu Larry Hartell. You will learn to flow from boxing and/or kicking range into grappling range with a nice flow. All that will be taught in a nice understandable progression.

This is the stuff Ron works his fighters who are all perfecting the science of Jeet Kune Do. As many know already, the PSDTC fighters are winning a large majority of the fight games right now wherever they go.

Jeet Kune Do is a real science, a unique style that is still way ahead of its time, and revolutionary in its approach to developing superior fighters as well as good self defense skills. Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do (JKD) can be adapted to any situation, MMA, kick boxing or Street confrontations.
Sifu Ron will be showing how to develop the tools used in JKD through several unique training methods.



***The 2nd half of the day will be Wing Chun Kung Fu taught by Sifu Andy DiGuiseppi:

During the Wing Chun portion of this seminar I will be teaching the foundations of Wing Chun. Specifically covering body mechanics, footwork and hand sensitivity drilling methods. We’ll start the days training with how to focus power in hand striking using focus mitts and striking targets. The study of body structure to the ground and arm leverage all play a big role into the science of why Wing Chun works. You’ll get to learn how to generate the most amount of power in the least amount of time and space.

We will also be covering a variety of sticky hands drills combined with the foundational footwork. 
Those that are looking to go deeper with their understanding of Wing Chun won’t want to miss the opportunity. 


At the nucleus of Wing Chun is a core set of fighting theories.
These theories are the foundation from which all of the system's techniques are derived from. 
At the core of these are some very fundamental human physics, and the clearest, most strategic fighting concepts.

Wing Chun's core theories include:

Centerline theory
Body structure 
Economy of strength 
Economy of energy
Distance control
and proper form. 
In the Wing Chun portion of this seminar, we will be covering the basic foundational hand and leg techniques contained with in the Classical Wing Chun system. 
Including some of the most effective fighting drills that the system is very well known for. 


The material covered in this seminar will be:

Bridging ( making first contact )
Wing Chun Boxing. 
Trapping & The Straight Blast. 
For those who study Jeet Kune Do, and want to really refine their understanding of the Wing Chun component of JKD, this is a seminar you won't want to miss. 



Fee: Advanced Registration is by February 6, 2015
Pay in advance and save!

  • Advance Registration - $80.00 

  • At The Door - $100.00 No Exceptions!

  • Visa and MasterCard are accepted by phone 203 802 8533 or 203 596 9073 or pay through your Paypal account below

Check-in Time: Sunday, February 8th, 9:00-9:45 AM.  Workshop will begin at 10:00 AM SHARP.

Location: Practical Self Defense Training Center, 847 Hamilton Ave., Waterbury, CT - Directions and Lodging Information... 

Optional items to bring: *PLEASE NOTE…For this workshop bring focus mitts (if you do not have focus mitts, they are sold at the PSDTC) Also, try to bring any kind of protective gear you have from whatever style you train in. You would be surprised on what we use for training apparatus. Any headgear, bag gloves, boxing gloves or MMA gloves would be best. The more gear we have around the more action we have at this workshop.

***All kinds of protective gear, Focus mitts, head gear, boxing and MMA gloves are all sold at the PSDTC if you would like to have your own training equipment.


About Ron Kosakowski:

  • Owner of the Practical Self Defense Training Center (PSDTC) in Waterbury, CT
  • Received a 6th Degree Black Belt in Filipino Kuntao under the late Grand Master Joe Rossi back in 1994
  • Currently the owner and head instructor of the Filipino style called Kuntao as taught at the PSDTC
  • Certified in Jun Fan gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do under Bruce Lee protιgι Sifu/Guro Dan Inosanto
  • Certified Kali instructor level under Sifu/Guro Dan Inosanto                          
  • Senior instructor in Jun Fan Gung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Grappling, Eskrima, Kali, Arnis under Larry Hartsell (original student of Bruce Lee)
  • Certified Senior instructor in Jeet Kune Do Concepts / Kali under Paul Vunak
  • Certified Pekiti Tirsia Kali/Dumog, Manundlo Unang Hagden under Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje Jr.
  • Former stuntman and fight coordinator for the American Stuntman Assoc. & Stunts Inc.
  • Appearances in eight of Paul Vunak’s Jeet Kune Do Street fighting video series
  • Instructor for well over 100 rape and mugging prevention seminars
  • Instructor for Airline employees and security in antiterrorist tactics 
  • Trainer in weapon retention along with bladed weapon use and defenses with military personnel and Army Rangers            
  • Trainer for fighters in MMA, Thai boxing, full contact stick fighting and grappling tournaments
  • Trainer in weapon retention, knife defenses and takedowns to subduing for all types of Law enforcement
  • Taught CRG (Crisis Response Group) an antiterrorist team the killing and maiming tactics from Kun Tao in the Philippines
  • Trained the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in the Philippines
  • Taught the SAF (Special Action Force) an anti terrorist Police/Military Unit the killing and maiming tactics from Kun Tao in Mindanao, Philippines. from 2006 to 2008
  • Owner of the Traditional Filipino Weapons web site...see for more information
  • Well over 40 years experience in many other martial arts and still researching to learn more



About Andy DiGuiseppi:

• Level 10 Black Sash in Chinese Wing Chun Kung Fu under the late Master Kevin Becker.
• Is a 5th Generation Descendant of the Yip Man Style Wing Chun.
• Experienced Practitioner of Filipino Kuntao under Guru Ron Kosakowski
• Experienced Practitioner of Filipino Kali, having studied Inosanto Kali, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, and Sina Tirsia Wali Kali.
• Experienced Practitioner of the Indonesian Silat systems of Mande Muda and Cimande.
• Experienced Practitioner of Brazilian Jujitsu, Judo, Japanese JuJitsu, and Integrated Grappling Systems under Ron Kosakowski.
• Is a level 2 Attuned Reiki Practitioner.
• Experienced Practitioner of several styles of Yoga.
• Has been training and learning at PSDTC since 2001.
• Has been teaching regular and private Wing Chun classes at PSDTC since 2006.
• Instructed over 27 Wing Chun Intensive workshops and seminars.
• Experience instructing bouncers, police officers, correctional officers, military personnel and other martial arts instructors.
• Has been involved in security enforcement for national entertainment acts and CT based music festivals.
• Has been studying Wing Chun for over 11 years straight with no lapses in training and is focusing toward mastery.
• Owner of and, resource websites for the study of Wing Chun.
• Author and Illustrator of “The Wing Chun Text Book” A training manual for learning Wing Chun.
• Accomplished graphic and web designer and owner of DiGuiseppistudios.
• Considers himself an eternal student and is ever seeking what it is his master sought.




(see RK BIO for more information)

For more information or directions to the Practical Self Defense Training Center, contact Ron at 203 802 8533 or 203 596 9073 or

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